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Zulu 100%
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May 17th, 2019

Bravo - Server Migration

Dear Client / Reseller,

We are pleased to confirm that the migration has now been completed over to the new data center.

As per our previous correspondence, there is a change of IP address... -

Please see our earlier replies in regards to the nameservers, which in most cases will remain the same. Full detail was provided previously.

If you are using external DNS, such as Cloudflare you must now update to the above IP address.

We will keep the old server active for 24 hours, so please action the above as soon as possible to avoid interruption.

Kind regards,

Brixly Support


The migration of bravo will continue tonight, following the postponement late last week

Confirmation will be sent out once the migration work has completed


The migration process from the old hardware, to the new hardware is still underway. However, due to the extended period of time taken, we are looking to ammend the 'switchover' process, and will re-sync the contents between the servers before go-live.

This will be ongoing until later this evening.


The migration scheduled in for Bravo over to the new DC is underway, however due to the latency between the two physical machines and the sheer size of the transfer, this is expected to take some time to complete.

Given that this is the case, we are not proceeding with the Express Transfer, and will instead await completion of the data transfer before switching DNS.

Further updates will be provided here as we progress.

It's expected the migration of the data will be ongoing until the morning. As such, data will be re-synced post live.

Support / Client Area Maintenance

We will be performing some maintenance to our client area over the next few hours. As such, downtime of the client area is expected.

Support can be raised directly by email to until the client area is back online.

May 8th, 2019

Phantom - Rebuild Required

The Phantom server, which forms part of our Elastic Cloud is currently offline.

Please note, with the Elastic Cloud sites will be loading from a slave server until the issue with Phantom is resolved.

If your DNS is hosted externally, then you most likely aren't benefiting from the failover. Instead, please ensure the following IP address is used...

We will be rebuilding the machine entirely, and restoring from the latest backup (hourly). We will then re-sync the data from the slave server to ensure that no data is lost during this process.

Zulu - Memory Resize

Zulu is now back online


We have rebooted Zulu, adding additional RAM - the server will be back online shortly

Indigo - Kernel Update

All services will be online over the next 60 seconds or so.


Rebooting Juliet for a kernel update


The system is now back online


We're rebooting the Indigo server for essential maintenance / kernel upgrade.