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February 12th, 2021

Bravo - Exim / Mail Issues
Affected services:

All issues on Bravo now resolved


We believe the issue to be now resolved. We are monitoring this currently to ensure no repeat incidents occur.

If you do experience any issues then feel free to reach out to support so we have an internal case for investigation.


We have received reports of some delivery issues (and some inbound mail issues) on Bravo, which has been ongoing since the v94 update of cPanel.

Whilst we thought the issue was resolved, we seem to have had a new continuation of the problem, which even takes place with the 'default' configuration provided by the cPanel software.

We are currently undergoing all steps to resolve the problem, and will update this status with any further updates.

February 10th, 2021

Network Outage - London DC

As you may be aware, there was an outage within the London DC this evening.

We are yet to receive a full report from the DC regarding the nature of the outage but have been reassured this was a temporary network related issue.

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