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Acapulco - cachet Friday 11th March 2022 10:57:10

Automatic monitoring system detected service is back online

We are marking this as resolved. No further incidents have occurred since our fixes yesterday.

Most of the issues have now been resolved, however, feel free to reach out to support with an explanation of any outstanding problems. We would also appreciate that in doing so, you provide sufficient detail/explanation, ideally with steps to replicate the issue so we can deal with the enquiry efficiently.

Please note, that as part of our security protocol during the initial phase of this investigation, we have updated all cPanel account passwords with a randomly generated password.

We are aware of an issue with the PostgreSQL service currently, which will affect certain cPanel sub-systems, such as creating a new account. This is being investigated by the team at cPanel directly, so do bear with us.

You are still able to access your account from within our client area, by going to Services -> My Services -> Select your service. From here, you can select the option 'Login to WHM', or you can log in to cPanel directly.

Please note, that webmail/email passwords have NOT been changed, and will continue to work as expected.

If you are having issues with an email client, such as Outlook or Gmail connectivity, you are still able to log in and use your emails from within the normal webmail interface.

The mail service has now been restored and is fully operational.

We are aware of a number of issues, such as IMAP, Postgres, and some other issues which we are ironing out currently through support.

Your patience is appreciated.

The server is now back online - a report will be provided once we have had time to go through the entire incident.

We are getting closer to bringing the server back online, however, we do appreciate your patience.

A full report will be provided once the server is fully operational.